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一D英文文法~15 point!!

1.What is ''by mistake'' means?

2.What is ''by the way'' means?

3.What is ''on the whole'' means?

4.What is ''in ink'' means?

5.What is ''beg for'' means?

6.Are ''break down'' and ''break up'' the same?

7.What is ''cover with...'' means?

8.What is ''cure of...'' means?

9.Divide into half- means

10.divide among three or more than three- means

11.equal to-means

12.escape from-means

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  • Frank
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    1 十年前

    by mistake: 被誤解

    by the way: 順便說說

    on the whole: 就全(整)體而論

    in ink: 簽訂(合同等)

    beg for: 乞討, 請求,懇求

    break down: 失敗;故障

    break up: 崩潰;分離;解散;結業

    cover with:遮蓋;覆蓋

    cure of: 治癒

    divide into half: 劃分成一半

    divide among three or more than three:


    equal to: 勝任的;能對付的

    escape from: 逃脫, 避免