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What is the challenges of supply chain Management in HK ?

What is the challenges of supply chain Management in HK ?

pls help!!many thnaks!!

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  • 1 十年前

    The chanllenges of supply chain in HK today that are- how to maintain JIT (just-in-time) inventory to satisfy customers' requirements at the right time, at the right place, at the right price, for the right quantity and the right good and service without adding extra costs, and the extra cost is likely acceptable, or willing to be paid by customers--The investors for convenience store of HK likely envisage these when there high numbers of convenience stores have been set up to meet customer requirements for certain extent amid high living cost in HK.

    The decsion for SCM's drivers includes 1)where/what the facilities(store & warehouse) should be set up, their locations & sizes, 2) production-what product should be produced & where to produce 3) transportation-what delivery modes and routing are appropriate, 4) inventory--what level of stock should be maintained?

    However the costs of the 4 drivers are gone up considerably in recent years, then what is the best combination & size & location of the 4 drivers to be chosen that could meet the 5-rights for customers eventually that is the great challenge of SCM

    You can get the answer when you enter any convenience stores in HK to have a glance and then thought of.

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  • Jerry
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    For many companies, effective supply management may not sound easy. Manufacturers, traders and logistics providers are facing various business challenges, such as ways of shortening the production cycle time and improving inventory control to stay competitive. Besides, there are many technical difficulties in supply chain management like effective track-and-trace, electronic security, and customer relationship management, which may also pose threats to these companies. Overcoming these challenges calls for effective use of IT and logistics technology, such as Digital Trade and Transportation Network, Global Positioning System and fleet and freight management solutions, which is critical for the success of supply chain management nowadays.