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pls translate to engilsh

想轉換工作環境 - 公司倒閉 - 沒有機會發展


I just want to translate short word

1.) 想轉換工作環境

2.) 公司倒閉

3.) 沒有機會發展

And don't combine all in one, sorry I no clearly to mention of my request..........

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    Although you tell the truth to your potential employers, most of the HR officer will not consider your application, not your experience or ability. It is wording of your application letter.

    If you worked in a company for a period of time, the interviewer pressume you knew the co. operation quite well. Moreover, there is always gossiping about the compnay, people, mmovie star etc. They will not believe that you did not know nothing, the firm went to bankruptcy or closed.

    Hence, I advise you rephrase the reason, do not write about company bankruptcy, cause you need is a chance to show them your ability, not your company bankrupted.

    I work [company name] for [numeric] years, I learnt [admin / HR / account / front-line / management] and these working experience enhanced my working abilities. I am delighted to work with them but the management decided to relocate the head office in [PRC / Singapore etc] and they decided to close the Hong Kong business...

    Additionally, I want to share with you that the sequence of the Chinese sentences is inaccurate.

    If the comapny went into bankruptcy, you must find a new job; not looking a new chance, change the working environment.

    On the other hand, you look for a new job cause your existing working enviornment not provide any oppurtunity. It does not affect you if there is any financial problem in that company.

    If you insist in telling the truth, you should say

    The firm went into bankruptcy, hence, I have to look for new job


    I would like to change the working environment cause the firm went into bankruptcy.

    Hope this help.

    One of the employee

    2008-02-28 07:53:54 補充:

    1) I would like to change the working environment

    2) The firm / company went into bankruptcy

    3) No oppurtunities

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    1.) 想轉換工作環境=want to change the working environment

    2.) 公司倒閉=bankrupt company

    3.) 沒有機會發展=no better prospect

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    I would like to change the working environment, under the circumstance of the bankrupt company, there is no opportunity for me at all.






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