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Lalaland 發問於 娛樂及音樂娛樂圈 · 1 十年前

Am I the only one that feel this way about Edison?

Personally, I'm very sick and tired of hearing all this ignorant bashings of Edison Chen. I bet you anything that most of these people are jealous of what he is capableof doing and that lots of women like him. Leave his personal life alone. It is none of your business. His pictures got stolen! Remember? IT WAS NEVER MEANT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! It's his own private matter which none of us should be judging!


WHY HONG KONG IS SO AFRAID OF SEX? WHY PEOPLE LIKE TO BELIEVE EVERYONE IS A VIRGIN IN SHOW BUSINESS? How did we come to this world? From an cracking an Egg? Open your mind already...geez.

更新 2:

Don't tell me you don't have oral sex. Stop being ignorant. Sex is a normal part of life, his photos got stolen that's why those ignorant people can make fun of him. What did he do wrong? Nothing, he was just being himself and enjoying his young life and having some fun.

更新 3:

Don't be jealous. Say what is fair, i'm not even his fans I just think he's a very talented actor/rapper, it's a waste that he's gone from HK show biz now. So cut the crap and leave his personal life alone. He's done nothing wrong since day 1.

更新 4:

Question should be: Am I the only one who feels this way about Edison?

4 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    No, of course u r not the only one who feel that way about Edison, most people does!

    He'd done nothing wrong, but since the photos were stolen from him(his computer), he eventually would be the one who carried the most responsibility, because his careless had made the other people suffer( in this case i meant his girlfriends, they'd lost their public image all at once).

    As i personally believe (as a male), the event was catastrophized most likely because the HK people were conservative about sex, so such event undoubtedly will arouse their curiosity for what's going on and the photos, especially for students.

    As this event was a huge morality matter for HK, the school had to do something for it, which was to teach students proper moral, and the right attitude toward the event, somehow i reckoned it might made the people felt the event was a sin since they might thought even the school was criticizing about it, that would somehow made the matter even worse if the teachers false to teach them in difference angles of the event.

    As we all know, the media was the one who made the the victims so miserable, they just tired to catastrophize the matter as always, so that they could gain more money!!! Remember? For the media industries, there were always a competition, the one who made the issue the most serious who won and the winner could get a large prize for it, and this event provided them a good chance for gainning a great prize, of course they would not wasted it by tired the best they could.---I don't think i have to go at this aspect any further, which i suppose that is sort of like common sense.

    Hopefully my opinion can help u..

    2008-02-29 17:17:31 補充:


    -for the first sentence: does- do

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  • 野人
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    No, you are not the only one. i second you.

    why this was happened?

    1) jealousy.

    some jealous of the fun he had, some jealous because of he was not restricted by so call morality. in these way, he hurted the feeling of both male and female! haha......poor guy!

    2) someone said......power is sexier than sex.

    in fact people are very interested in sex. this interest make them eager to using their power over other people's sex behaviour. in this case, they can enjoy verbal sex in open public, and using their power in the name of morality. when private become public......the poor guy gave the society a perfect carnival. can't you see that our HK is so sexy recently? but in a sick and twisted way.

    3) they do not mean to hurt this poor guy, but......talking is cheap, people follow like sheep.

    4) adults they do not have a better way to teach the kids. in order to make the kids scared and behave in the way the adults want them to be......the adults do not mind to sacrifice one who was regarded as a bad example. justify or not? who cares......he is the son of others.

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  • 1 十年前

    I don't really know much about him. I've listened to his music, saw some of his movies, and thought he's cute. That's probably it on my knowledge of him, besides his recent brave act of apology.

    The reason why people like to believe everyone is a virgin in the show business is because these celebrities are carrying out their given images, innocence, fresh, whatever it is, and it more or less effectively made people into buying these images, with money and heart.

  • 1 十年前

    i don't think you are the only one who felt this way about him. I think there a branch people feel the same way that you did. 憎恨, 惡意始終都比較喜歡出位吧.