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shing169 發問於 娛樂及音樂電影 · 1 十年前



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    1 十年前

    Rocky: Original Motion Picture Score by Bill Conti

    Rocky II (1979 Film) by Bill Conti

    Rocky III: Original Motion Picture Score by Bill Conti

    Rocky IV by Vince DiCola,Original Soundtrack (Audio CD - 2006)

    Rocky V (Audio CD - 2005)

    The Rocky Story: The Original Soundtrack Songs From The Rocky Movies (Soundtrack Anthology) by Various Artists (Audio CD - 1991)

    Rocky Balboa: The Best of Rocky by Various Artists (Audio CD - 2006)

    My reccomendation -

    Rocky Balboa contains all good stuff with a lot of extras:

    1. Gonna Fly Now- Bill Conti

    2. Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor

    3. Going The Distance- Bill Conti

    4. Living In America- James Brown

    5. Redemption- Bill Conti

    6. Conquest- Bill Conti

    7. Burning Heart- Survivor

    8. Alone In the Ring- Bill Conti

    9. Overture- Bill Conti

    10. Mickey- Bill Conti

    11. Hearts On Fire- John Cafferty

    12. Rocky's Reward- Bill Conti

    13. Adrian- Bill Conti

    14. No Easy Way Out- John Tepper

    15. Fanfare For Rocky- Bill Conti

    16. It's A Fight- Three 6 Mafia

    17. Gonna Fly Now (Remix)- Bill Conti (remix by John X)

    Audio CD (December 26, 2006)

    Original Release Date: December 26, 2006

    Number of Discs: 1

    Format: Soundtrack

    Label: Capitol

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