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20點!!!! 幫手作文!!

You have decided to write an article for the Corner EITHER for OR against the proposition that ' A museum should be opened in honour of Bruce Lee.' Give reasons for your views. 250 words.


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  • 1 十年前

    1. Start by writing something about what you feel about Bruce Lee

    e.g., You have seen his moving on TV; you like his Kung Fu skills….etc.

    2. There are proposals that a museum in memory of Bruce Lee should be set up.

    e.g., Where did you read those proposals? Who proposed it? What are their ideas? To set up on in HK? Which part of HK?

    3. You agree with the idea because

    a) Bruce Lee should be remembered for his achievement in introducing Chinese Kung Fu to the international world.

    e.g., What did the west know about Chinese Kung Fu before Bruce Lee made he movies? What movies did Lee make that made him famous in the west?

    b) Bruce Lee should be remembered as an outstanding overseas Chinese

    e.g., Lee found his fame in the west. It was extraordinary in his days since racial prejudice was still strong.

    4. Some people are against the idea of setting up the museum. You disagree with them. Why?

    e.g., Some people say this is to use public money on the interest of small group of people. What is your idea? (It is not the interest of a small group of people. Lee’s movies are liked by many people around the world. Even for those who do not watch the movie, they may be interested in knowing more about them…)

    e.g., some people say Lee’s movies are too violent. What is your idea? (Many movies are violent. It is important that we know that the fighting scenes are for entertainment and we should not resort to force to settle things in real life….).

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