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SPSS purchase

想問大家, 在香港, 哪裡可以買到正版的 SPSS 和 AMOS 的軟件? 我一定要是正版的, 還有, 它們大約要花多少錢?

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  • 1 十年前

    You may order SPSS and AMOS online. If you are a full time student an SPSS 16 can be as low as US$200.00. I am not sure about AMOS.

    For details, you can contact this representative:

    SPSS Hong Kong Ltd.

    Raymond Poon, General Manager

    Room 1804 Westlands Center

    20 Westlands Road

    Quarry Bay

    Hong Kong

    Phone: +852.28119662

    Fax: +852.28113042

    E-mail: spsshk@spss.com.hk

  • 4 年前

    Spss Hk