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可唔可以幫我釋做英文呀? 我連中文都唔知點表逹...

關於今個星期要寄出給你的信件,基於國內天氣惡劣的情況,我們用開的速遞公司已經停止所以廣東省以外的收件服務,要待他們另行通知才可以再寄件.我們可以轉用FEDEX,但速遞的費用便要提高,請問你的意思如何? 謝謝

以上係大概ge意思,可唔可以幫我釋做英文呀,唔該晒,我連中文都唔知應該點表逹好... 仲點打英文... ●____●"

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  • 1 十年前

    關於今個星期要寄出給你的信件,基於國內天氣惡劣的情況,我們用開的速遞公司已經停止所以廣東省以外的收件服務,要待他們另行通知才可以再寄件.我們可以轉用FEDEX,但速遞的費用便要提高,請問你的意思如何? 謝謝

    The letters should be sent to you this week, but due to the bad weather in mainland that our courier service provider has suspended service in Guangzhou province untill further notice. however, another courier service company as Fedex is available, but the fee will be more expensive using it. please could you adivce comment on this.thanks!

  • 1 十年前

    About the letter sent to you this week on bad weather in the mainland, we have to terminate the use of the express mail service we usually use. As a result, mail service except that of Guangzhou province cannot be used until further notice. I suggest using the FEDEX instead, but ht service fee would be increased. What are your views?

  • 1 十年前

    Regarding the letter which we are supposed to send to you this week via our regular courier service, we are given to understand that they have stopped all services out of Goungdong due to the bad weather. We can only wait until their further notice before we can send the mail to you unless we use FEDEX which is much more expensive. What do you think? Thanks.

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    1 十年前

    Regarding your mail & letters to be sent out this week, due to the bad weather situation in China, our normal courier had ceased to operate. Therefore, will need to use other courier service company outside of Guangzhou Province. We are now waiting for the confirmation when service will resume. We can also send via FEDEX but it will be much more expensive. Please confirm by return if you want it to be sent via FEDEX.

    Thanks & Best regards,