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    I think it is bad, because Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas was originally some very warm holiday, is to let others remember and celebrate the big day. But people are now being used these days to make a fortune, they have the original meaning of a complete distortion of the festival, the original burying people a taste gifts also into those now both hypocritical and insincere commercialization of gifts. This popular gift, then how unique pass away from the goodwill of friends and relatives?

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    I think this is not good, because Halloween and Valentine's Day are romatic days, they let people care people and is a day to share the joy. However, these days are used by the merchants to make money, they twisted the real meanings of these days, and turned the gifts with care and kindness into some commerical fake gifts. Those popular gifts never be the same as before and send to their far away's love one.

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    sorry, should "romantic"& I missed the "Christmas Day" after Valentine's Day.

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    I think this is not good, because Halloween, Valentines' Day and Christmas were supposed to be lovely and happy festivals. But these days merchants use them for money, and they ruined the original meaning of those festivals, and they also made the presents that represent friendship and love in people's heart to some kind of pretedning and commercial fake presents.

    By using these kind of normal presents, how can they represent our love and kindness to our family and friends who are far away from us?

    Hope I ca help u la

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    I thought like this is not good, because of Halloween, 情人節 and

    the Christmas day originally is some very warm holiday, is lets the

    others fondly remember with the worldwide celebration great day. But

    the present is actually used by the merchants recently gets rich, they

    the original holiday significance completely twisted, also originally

    buries a people piece of regard gift also to transform for present

    these both is false and 商業化 the hypocrisy gift. Such popular

    gift, how the unique regard will bequeath outside the great distance

    again friend and family member?

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