For the R.A. LiAlH4 in dry ether,LiAlH4之後幾時用H2O,幾時用H3O+??

Very confused!!!

help please~THX!!!

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    The lithium aluminum hydride is commonly used as a reducing agent to provide the hydride ions. The addition of water or acid is in fact to provide the proton to complete the reaction. So, in this case, both water and acid can be used. However, practically, I will still suggest to use water as a quencher in this reaction. If there is excessive LiAlH4 in the reaction mixture, the addition of acid will have a formation of hydrogen in exothermic condition. This can be very dangerous and it can cause explosion. So, water is suggested to add. If additional separation is needed, the acid can be added in later stage. In some extreme case, you can even use ethanol as a proton provider.

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    LiAlH4 in dry ether

    reduce出-NH2 (amine group)or -CONH2 ( amide group) 就要用H2O

    reduce 出其他野就 2樣都得 

    因為NH2 會 further react H3O+ 出salt

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    Both are accepted, since 2H2O <----> H3O+ + OH-

    I usually write H2O.

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