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把餘下的放在垃圾桶和不要餵fish pond的fish。這才可把校園的每



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  • 1 十年前

    Fortunately, we have an environmental protection unit in our school. The unit helps promote the ideas of keeping the school clean and surrounding the school with more green plants. All the fellow classmates behave properly. They won't drop rubbish inside the playground or corridors. They won't eat inside the classrooms. They won't make the toilets dirty any more neither. When fellow classmates finish their lunch in the canteen, they will dispose the remains inside the rubbish bins and they won't drop the remains into the fish pond to feed the fish. That is the way to keep the school everywhere clean. We should have a strong mind on environmental protection to make our campus more beautiful so as to provide the best protection for our school.

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  • 1 十年前

    Fortunately our school has environmental protection groups they will help our clean school and afforest the environment. It contain by oneself very much the classmates all for example can't last playground and corridor,don't in Classroom eats, don't get dirty in the place while going to toilet, have a meal to answer in canteen Place the rest on the garbage bin and don't feed fish of fish pond. Every this just a campus One angle Lip river keeps clean. We want environmental protection can make campus to be beautiful a bit, so I Want hard protect campus.

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  • 1 十年前

    Luckily, our school has a environmental club that will help us clean the school and help plant more green plants. The students are very enthusiastic in this activity, for example, they wouldn't throw garbage on the playground and corridor; they wouldn't eat in the classroom; they wouldn't make the washrooms dirty; they clean up after eating in the canteen (cafeteria) and they don't feed the fish in the fish pond. This can help keep every corner of the school clean. We have to be more caring about the environment in order to make the school ground beautiful. This is why we must take very good care of the school.

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