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發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

His manner was quiet, his speech deliberate.為什麼後句可以沒有was?

His manner was quiet, his speech deliberate.

為什麼後句(his speech deliberate)可以沒有was?這是什麼文法?


電影中經常使用口語,常常聽到in you come,off you get,這是合乎文法嗎?這又是什麼文法?


Brilliant! But how about the second problem? I mean, are phrases 'in you come','off you get' grammatically correct? Why don't we say 'You, come in.',etc.?

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  • 1 十年前

    A very good question.

    Your example < His manner was quiet, his speech deliberate.>

    is grammatically correct.

    The above sentence can be regarded as an Elliptical Clause.

    Elliptical Clause is a grammar approach

    in which some words are left out.

    This is allowed when the logic or pattern

    of the entire sentence is the same,

    and it's easy to infer what the missing words are.

    More examples:

    Stacy has three children; Toby, only one.

    I tried to find the missing lottery ticket, but couldn't.

    (The complete sentence should be "...but I couldn't [find the lottery ticket].")

    2007-12-27 08:17:17 補充:

    等我用中文再譯一譯啦! 你的例句 His manner was quiet, his speech deliberate. 文法上是沒有問題的. 這種手法在英文世界是常用的, 叫做Elliptical Clause, 即是句子中有些字被刪減。通常是全句的邏輯或結構相同或相似的時候,才可以採用。希望幫到你啦~ ^.^

    2007-12-28 02:01:44 補充:

    Oh sorry! 哈哈...眼大過龍睇唔到第二條問題添....現在補答啦!第二句in you come, off you get...其實你講緊的是否 In you come, Off you go呢? (你剛來了, 現在又走了)定係What you see is what you get呢?(你眼見的就是全部了)

    2007-12-28 02:01:55 補充:

    還是 People come and go 呢? (人來人往) 又或者是 Come what may come? (呢句話出至莎士比亞的Macbeth)= Whatever may come.(順其自然吧)我諗到既係咁多個...邊個啱用就你自己決定啦~ 嘻嘻... ^.^

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