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中文transalate成為英文,help please




[手勢 ]


help please too hard for me=[


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    Chinese transalate becomes English, help the please Japanese quite is

    fastidious in the daily behavior, if loud speaks, fixes the eyes on

    stares at the other people, the hand inserts in the pocket as well as

    refers to the person with the finger, can consider is not respectful

    to the person. Sojourns to Japanese others should make an appointment

    in first, must please not enters, must please not sits, cannot peep at

    the bedroom, must turn besides the books and periodicals the thing.

    Also has the death anniversary to exempt kisses, the hug in front of

    the numerous people. [ Hand signal ] each country because cultural

    context and habits and customs different, the hand signal expression

    meaning is also different. The Chinese stretches out the thumb

    expression commendation, has "is best" meaning, but said to the

    Japanese, this movement is the expression scolds him "your this old

    gentleman", meaning of the appreciation. Stretches out the pinky in

    China to express "is disappointing", "backwardness" meaning, but

    refers to "the girlfriend" in Japan. Also, makes the circle expression

    money with the thumb and index finger, puts it to the mouth nearby

    indicates drinks, the index finger is curving is refers to the thief,

    the friend bids good-bye time waves the hand to say goodbye.

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