Eiffel Tower問題

Eiffel Tower :

1.How to get here?

2.What can we do here?

3.History /General info

4.Feeling & comments

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  • 1 十年前

    U can just get there by RER, just like the MTR in HK.

    U can get up the tower by either taking the esculator or by walking up.There are total 3 different levels that u can get up by buying the tickets. The upper u get, the more u have to pay.

    The tower is very beauiful, especially when u arrive there during the magic hour, near the sunset. Apart from sightseeing, u have nothing to do there.

    Remarks: there is lack of restaurants there.

  • 1 十年前

    1. How to get there?

    Take a flight to Paris and take MTR + few minute walk

    2. What can we do there?

    Take the lifts to upper stair for sight seeing

    3. History/General info


    4. Feeling & comments

    No need to go to the top tier as it is much more expensive. The view is similar to a lower tier.

    Lots of people and long queue