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*關於請筆仙的地點:基本上任何地方都可以請 但盡量不要在自己的房間 墓地 鬼屋或兇殺案的地方等等原因都在於請不請的回去和能不能離開的問題

*關於請筆仙的人數:基本上2~5人是請筆仙的限制人數 一般四人是最好請出來的而五人是最好請回去的數字這是關於參與請筆仙的人數 而圍觀的人數盡量不要有如果有盡可能不要在2人以上 因為這會干擾請筆仙的念力磁場

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    T cents

    Play: two each with single-handedly join the palms in greeting, intermediate trapped pens, touch the tip of a paper, they think of quiet please T cents to answer your questions, think of your questions both hands to relax, to let T natural dynamic at the end, think of thank T cents (invite him back) to open up your hands. Basic gone.

    Note: thank T cents is not to call on him to go back before the two can not be loosened palm.


    * Please T cents on the location: Basically any place can be requested but not as much as possible in their own rooms cemetery ghost houses or homicide in areas where the reasons for not please all of the requests will not be able to leave and go back problems

    * Please T cents on the number: Basically 2 to 5 is requested T cent limit the number of people is the best please the general four out five people is the best and please go back and figure this is requested T cents on the participation of the number of the onlookers number advised not to the extent possible if there are not two more because it would interfere with T Aw please read in the magnetic field.

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