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Dear Matthew

How are you feeling? It must be boring to stay in bed all day. We will break up for our New Year holiday tomorrow. Let's go our during the holiday. We can either sing karaoke or have a barbecue on Lamma Island . What do you think?

Get well soon

Best wishes,


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  • 1 十年前

    Are you sick or simething else? Anyway, The 1st thing is what do you think? Do you want to have BBQ or Karaoke or even go out with Jack.

    If you want you can say

    Dear Jack,

    I am fine. Thanks. Go out dueing hoilday is a great ideal! I like you suggestion. However, which day do you suggest? or Whom you want to invite? Becasue I think more people can get more fun, right. Please call me if you have time.

    Best Rgds


    If you don't want to go with him or due to sick.

    Dear Jack,

    I am fine. Thanks. However, due to doctor's recommandation, I am not avaible during hoilday. I have to take rest in the bed,

    Best Rgds


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