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Adverb Clause?

Adverb Clause有幾多種?怎樣用?

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    adverb clause === 9 types

    you have to read a good grammar book to understand the use of them because each clause type has different conjunctions to link the main clause and the subordinate clause.

    1. clause of time (conjunctions: when, while, before, after, etc. John went out after he had done his homework. ==== after he had done his homework === clause of time used as an adverb in this sentence to modify the verb [went] in the main clause)

    2. clause of place (conjunction: where, wherever, etc. John lay where there was a big tree. ==== where there was a big tree === clause of place)

    3. clause of reason (conjunction: since, as, because, for, etc. John was tired because he had walked for 10 km.)

    4. clause of result (conjunction: so...that, so, that, John was so tired that he went to bed early tonight.)

    5. clause of manner (as if, as though, John acted as if he were crazy.)

    6. clause of condition (if, If I were you, I would read a grammar book carefully.)

    7. clause of comparison (, ... than, John is as tall as Mary.)

    8. clause of concession (although, though, Although john studied hard, yet he failed in his exam.)

    9. clause of purpose (so that, in order that, John climbed up the mountain in order that he could have a better view of the city)