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tsun ho 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前



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  • 1 十年前

    The Foolish Old Man removed the mountains

    South in Jizhou, north bank of the Yellow River, have two high mountain name do and room Wang very much, two mountain these account for place round 700, have several tens of thousands of while being high, north mountain live in individual name the Foolish Old Man, he has already been nearly 90 years old, he lives on the straight opposite side on these two high mountains, because these two have stopped it to the passway of the north alpinly, no matter pass in and out and all wind very far way, the Foolish Old Man's headache extraordinary to this situation, he convenes the whole family to discuss together one day, he says: ' I want to do the best to even these two mountains out with everybody, make this way lead to the south of Yuzhou unblockedly all the time , river Han and south bank , how does everybody feel? '

    Family agree one after another , but it is splashed the everybody cold water and said that the Foolish Old Man's wife is a little disapproving: ' I think that connect you with this small mountain of chief's father and can not move with your strength, why you must do very much and Wang room these two high mountains? Moreover, where should we pile so much soil stones? ' then family have discussed that decide to pile the soil and stone to edge of the Bohai Sea , the north of the latent soil , the Foolish Old Man chooses three and can relatively choose the descendants who shoulder the heavy burden , follows him to dig the stone , dig the earth together, then the soil and stone that they came down digging, transport the dustpan to the edge of the Bohai Sea, the widow is about seven or eight years old in neighbour's capital, the ones that jumped joined them together too, usually could go home once in a cold heat , someone calls the meander wise old man, he sees that the Foolish Old Man and others make fun of him and say so hard: ' you too have no self-knowledge, has overestimated one's strength very much, you see you for such host of ages, such a little strength again, I think that you can not destroy even a grass on the mountain, what if you can take so much soil stones? '

    He says in a sound of answers that the Foolish Old Man signs: ' well, your thought is very obstinate oh, obstinate to know that turn , I have seen you even widow and small and weak child are still not so good as, I died, it have I by son in,son it give birth to grandson of, give birth to son of also grandson, the son gives birth to the son, the son also gives birth to the grandson, this descendants are unending, but these two mountains can grow tall, grow up also,? What worries digging indignant them I have, ' the meander wise old man hears what the Foolish Old Man said left without an argumently.

    Supernatural on the mountain he has heard of this thing too, he is really very afraid that the Foolish Old Man will leading descendants like this soon generation will dig, so, he has reported this thing to Celestial Ruler Supreme God, after Celestial Ruler Supreme God knows, moved by the Foolish Old Man's firmness, order the pretty young woman's son to each bear a mountain, one is put to the east of the North, one is put to the south of the harmony state, hereafter, the south of Jizhou, there is no high mountain to separate again on the south bank of the river Han.

    Everybody thinks about it, the Foolish Old Man has it to the impossible great ambition and willpower that challenge with the advanced age of 90 years old, so we are encouraging others to dare to have perseverance in the face of the difficulty challenge now, when there should be willpower , all of us will say , should follow the spirit that the Foolish Old Man removed the mountains.

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