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此深受國內外樂迷喜愛的民族管弦樂曲原為西管弦樂曲,由黃貽鈞所作,彭修文於1956年改編, 1981年重編。 樂曲描述一眾在花前月下輕歌曼舞、盡情歡樂的場面,抒發人間的瑰麗感情及作者對美好前景的追求。






Plz use proper names of song, instruments and techiques.

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  • Flora
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    1 十年前

    《Happy married life》

    This depth the national orchestral music deign to forgive which is liked the domestic and foreign music lovers for the west wind and stringed musical instruments music, does by Huang Yijun, Peng Xiuwen reorganized in 1956, in 1981 reconstitution.

    The music describes audiences in the flower month before last under the light song graceful dance, heartily the happy scene, expresses the world the magnificent sentiment and the author to the magnificent prospect pursue.

    The entire tune divides into three parts.

    First carries over the gentle lithe subject by the warm cheerful actor's opening words.

    The melody plays by the bamboo flute, timbre supple bright; Under probably spends and other sceneries shines upon in the moon not in part of ones duty bright.

    The later generations enter Gao Hu and the urheen change repetition, describes appearance which the people are infatuated with dance.

    The second subject by the dulcimer, the willow qin and the pipa plays, the timbre is clear, the rhythm is lively; Then is Gao Hu and the urheen change repetition.The bass musical instrument (big Ruan, Hu Yuge Hu) sinks the thick timbre to play the dance rhythm, lifelike surface present everybody under month heartily happy dance scene.

    Finally, the orchestra by the fast Canadian flower rhythm, presents after the change first section of subject, the rhythm is close, about fluctuates, music in warm jubilant mood conclusion.

  • 1 十年前

    《Spend a good month circle 》

    This is deeply subjected to the race tube Xian melody that the domestic and international fan likes to is a west tube Xian melody at first, by yellow Yi Jun make, the Peng fixs a text to reorganize in 1956, reeditting in 1981. The melody describes a many express the magnificent affection of the human life and author to pursue fine foreground in the light song Man dance, heartily happiness condition of the under the moonlight and before flowers.

    The whole songses are divided into three parts.

    BE first led son to take out fast by warm Huan soft supple of topic.The melody is played by the bamboo flute, the tone color is soft and bright;Seem flower and other sceneries shine upon next outside brightness in the moon.The juniors goes into tall Hu and ErHu variety repetition, describing people to infatuate with a ground of appearance of dancing.

    The second topic is given musical performance by the Yang piano, piano and the pipa, the tone color is clear and crisp, the rhythm is cheery;Connecting the  is tall Hu and ErHu variety repetition.The bass musical instrument(big Ruan, medium Hu and Ge Hu) plays by sinking thick tone color to dance a sexual rhythm type, living flexible now earth's surface now everyone is under the month heartily the condition of Huan dance.

    End, music band with add flower rhythm quickly, has been changed of segment 1 topic present, the rhythm is close, rising and falling up and down, the melody ends at the warmly jubilant motion.