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Hi! I am doing my accounting & Financial planning degree in Australia.

1) I wish to be a Investment Analyst. How is demanding for CFA in HK ?In terms of wages & workload, what is the difference with/without CFA ? 2) Should i stay here or go back to HK to be a financial planner ? How is the situation in HK now ?(But, i know there is totally 2 different things in Aus. & HK...HK Financial Planner is more like to be a sales person.The image is not so good.) Appreciate your help !

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  • 1 十年前

    Firstly, investment analyst and financial planner are different areas of positions. You have to understand job nature of both positions. Once you decide which position you want to start as your career, you should study either CFA or CFP. Basically, people, who want to become financial planner, should study CFP. CFA is more or less working for clients to invest through different kinds of financial derivative tools e.g. shares, foreign exchange, etc.. It is not compulsory to obtain CFA/CFP to become either investment analyst or financial planner by law. However, you should have varied licences through on-site training and external examinations depending on financial areas and before you provide professional advices to clients independently. Let's say you want to become financial planner, there is no difference as Financial Planner in between Hong Kong and Australia. Normally, it is referral from colleague/company to look after the clients who is willing to obtain financial planning advice. I didn't see any financial planners standing on the lobby and sell the company's products to the clients even in Hong Kong or Australia. If you saw someone selling/distributing some brochures, they must be the staff other than financial planner.

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