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" Blue Tattoo "by Vanilla Ninja

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    Blue Tattoo(藍色紋身) - Vanilla Ninja

    Once upon a lifetime 從前

    The spirits of the dark 在黑暗中靈魂

    Came to kill the beauty 把世界的美好

    Of our world 都殺盡了

    Every soul was spell bound 每個靈魂都被咒語壓著

    And prisoned into ice 在冰中被囚禁了

    Just shining through 勉強地顯出光芒

    Sad as a blue tattoo 黯淡得像是一個藍色的紋身

    Tears have turned to ice 眼淚已凝結為冰

    As a sacrifice 成為祭物

    Broken voices rise 破碎的聲音

    From the age of the ice 從冰河時期開始上升

    To the raging skies 直上風起雲湧的天空

    And they exorcise 它們把鬼魂驅走

    'Cos on judgement day 因為今天是審判的日子

    We must hide - we must fight - we must pray - hey

    我們要躲藏起來 我們要爭戰 我們要祈求

    It's a blue tattoo 這是一個藍色的紋身

    But the monks of mercy 但慈悲為懷的修士們

    They prayed for every soul 為著每一個靈魂祈求

    'Til the sword of fire 直至戰火

    Took control 掌管世界

    In a crash of thunder 在雷劈下時

    The ice broke into two 冰塊一分為二

    And shining through 閃光照出

    There was the blue tattoo 一個藍色的紋身

    [Chorus 副歌]

    Monks 修士們:

    You know 你知道

    Down low 在下面

    There's a light - it's a true - blue tattoo 有光 這是一個真的 藍色紋身

    Just go 只要去

    Down low 往下去

    Gotta hide now - gotta fight now - 現在就要躲藏 現在就要爭戰

    Gotta save your soul and pray 要拯救你的靈魂 要祈禱

    Gotta break the ice away 要把冰碎掉

    Gotta find the true blue tattoo 要找出真正的藍色紋身


    if you want to understand this song more, I suggest you watching the MV that found in youtube:

    資料來源: Translated by myself with the help of dictionary