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唔知自己想點!! 唔知自己諗緊乜~~請俾d 意見我plz!!!~~

我係女, 21, 男朋友係hk, 過左london讀書4個月, 感覺都好lonely咁! keep住有同bf msn, 不過大家好似都無乜野講... 佢好忙...時時就唔到時間傾下[計].....

有日個frd 生日去左clubbing, 咁大個人先真係第1次去club, dancing有個男的問我電話, 我好怪咁問個朋友俾唔俾佢? frd話 俾佢la俾佢la!! 咁就真係俾左佢!

之後keep住txt 對方, korean guy, 後來先知佢得18, 真係想死!! 佢對我好熱烈, 日日打俾我, 由朝到晚都txt 我, 好多sweet talk....[i can't forget u since that nite] [i promise im not player] sth like that, 唔知點解自己又不斷回覆!! aiya! wt's worry with me!!??




同1個細自己3年ga男, 會唔會實在太over??!?


係未我講得有d亂? 係我過左london讀書!

更新 2:

the korean guy wanna dating with me, but i dun know i worried he's player~i didn't response yet about that~! 我唔知出唔出好r!!?? i said[ i hv no idea, wt can we do?] n he response[dun worry about that just come out with me^^]...that's make me scary...

更新 3:

in relationship with my bf almost 4yrs...actually i will not marry my bf, im reali sure!..but i still dun wanna break up with him, i know im too bad too selfish.../ \\!!! plz dun snarl at me.....

london..i think that's damger city! haha...perhaps i luv paris more than that

更新 4:

n the guy told me he will quit clubbing, quit smoking, n drink for me.....= ="

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    I don't know about clubs in Hong Kong.. But clubbing is just a normal activity in british culture. People just want to have fun and enjoy the music there. my point is, 去到邊到都有機會識到play boy ga la. Just becareful the club called Thai Square, a lot of guys just standing there (not dancing) and waiting of their preys (girls).

    妳一個人去到 London, of course 要去識多D朋友. 妳當個韓国仔係朋友先lor. 但唔代表妳對唔住妳男朋友! 咁妳男朋友唔around, of cos u like someone to 關心妳. If you wanna see whether that guy is a playboy, ask him out to do some other stuffs la. If he is a playboy,i guess he would just want to get u in bed quick! You can be friend with him for a while, just go for a drink, watch movie, go to dine.. then create a friendship with him. You will then know him much more la! then i guess u will find out whether he is a playboy urself. If all he likes is just clubbing, then mayb he is kind of playboy gwa.

    我都有韓国朋友, 佢地係會好主動. 所以我諗佢見對妳有feel咪會咁lor.

    about 妳的 long D, 好難講。Time difference is too huge. You can't actually find the right time to talk on fone or even msn. unless your bf can msn at work...but you will distrub him working. I think it is all down to YOURSELF. If you wanna marry ur current bf, then make a plan for future, such as how long will u study in UK? can you wait for him as well as if he can wait for u?

    同1個細自己3年ga男 -> if he looks matured, then OK.

    Do you like London?

    2007-10-29 18:56:00 補充:

    he will quit clubbing, quit smoking, n drink for me - hm... sounds like he is good at 溝女 to me. Are you expecing a long-term relationship? you might be expecting to be heart broken... maybe 誇張少少... 但小心D啦. 如果只追求開心, 不追求將來咪OK lor!

    2007-10-29 18:56:49 補充:

    dun worry about that just come out with me -> If you are scared.. 去D人多的地方lor. eg. Leicester square, Covent Garden gum. 唔好同佢走去D Park, Woods, gum la.. And 唔好咁夜出lor.Go for lunch and other activities at daytime, then you will find out what kind of person he is in a safe way!

    2007-10-29 18:57:22 補充:

    know im too bad too selfish->算妳都知! 四年都幾長, 妳可以話我negative, 但我未見過LongD真係work. The only thing to keep you going is your future and promise. eg. marriage. 但連這些都冇咁妳keep來做乜? 妳都唔想同妳BF有將來咁妳不如split up la. 咁會對妳BF公平D!

    資料來源: I am living in London