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    It's a pity that Spurs is on the senior level and too eager for quick success , they do not have enough time to make new tactics for grandfathers, but is giving the pressure to him constantly , want him to hand over the good result as soon as possible. May well ask how to make the team extricate oneself from a plight , the result has also caused the situation of today , the ball will determine to dismiss grandfathers, but the sign that Spurs has not rebounded so far, I think this is one pair of situations of failing.

    I think that if Spurs is on the senior level do not change their idea eager for quick success , Spurs will not have an opportunity to compete with the top four of England Premier League strongly. Only hope now that the new leader does not need Zhu behind the step grandfather, but can lead Spurs to extricate oneself from a plight , let's make good achievements!

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    Unfortunately hot the key figures stabbed too nasty achievement near benefit, they have no enough time to draw up new military tactics for Zu Er, but give continuously pressure he, he hands over good result as soon as possible.Try to ask so how can come out a dilemma the ball team again, the result also causes the situation of today, the club decision dismisses Zu Er, and hot stabbed and also don't sprung up to now of evidence, I think this to is a pair of situation for losing.

    I feel if the heat stabs key figures again don't change them nasty achievement the viewpoint of the near benefit, heat's stabbing is will not have the chance have strength go to and English super four strong competitions.Only hope now the newly arrived leader of a group doesn't tread the back Zhu of Zu Er, but can lead heat to stab to come out a dilemma, obtaining good result!

  • 1 十年前

    What a pity the hot thorn high-level too crosses is eager for quick success and immediate gain, they fully time you has not formulated the new tactic for the ancestor, but gives the pressure unceasingly him, wants him to hand over the result as soon as possible.Asked how like this can go out the team the difficult position, the result also causes today aspect, the ball to be able to decide resigned the ancestor you, but the hot thorn also does not have the resilience sign until now, I thought this is an aspect which double lost.

    I thought if the hot thorn high-level does not change the idea again which they are eager for quick success and immediate gain, the hot thorn cannot have the opportunity to have the strength to go with the English ultra four strong competitions.Now only hoped comes newly the group leader does not want a step ancestor you after zhu, but is may get the heat conduction thorn to go out the difficult position, obtains the result!