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越來越小……所以,人們便開始追求一些強烈的刺激,從而釋放壓力, 獲得成就








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  • 1 十年前

    (1) why maximal exercise be all the rage the world, such receives welcome? Why are the people to thrilling, the stimulation maximal exercise so in a stew?

    (2) I want to be because modern people's rhythm of life becomes quicker and quicker, the working pressure is getting bigger and bigger, life space getting smaller ......Therefore, the people then start to pursue some intense stimulations, thus the relief pressure, obtains the sense of achievement. But maximal exercise's starting, has happen to met humanity's this need.

    (3) maximal exercise may divide into the summer and the winter two broad headings according to the season, the movement domain involves “the navy, army, air forces” the multi-dimensional space. The main maximal exercise project includes: The speed climbs , the airborne slide, the mountain glide, the hydroplane, the turbulent current skin raft, the motor dory, the surfing, the aquatic motor, jumps jumps extremely, the bicycle and so on.

    (4) it is higher except the pursue athletics sports superego body principle limit, is quicker, is stronger” outside the spirit, emphasises the participation and the brave spirit.

    (5) it may help the people to overcome the psychological barrier, the challenge, unceasingly is enterprising.