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Use White Box and Black Box testing to test Software

Could any body solve out my exercise??

After the power on self tests have carried out and no hardware errors have been reported. The correct operation of the software running on the machine needs to be tested. There are two approaches to testing White box testing and Black box testing. Devise a form which could be used to document both approaches.


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    as you know the difference between white box and black box test. you just make the testing plan based on the property/speicifcation of the software.

    e.g. suppose a software need user to enter their HK phone no. given that hk phone no is 8 digits only.

    If using white box testing, you may need to add some code to check whether it will go through all the logic and give correct result. the code may just make change to some variable with both correct or incorrect input. for example, the variable store non-digit value, less than 7 digit, more than 8 digit or excatly 8 digit value (these are the testing plan based on the code). Details about white box testing, you may need to read the topic: unit testing

    If using black box testing, you just enter the testing plan mentioned above to test the result.

    Therefore, before thinking how to test, you may need to know what the softwere do for. i.e., you need to know the specfication first. No specification, no way to test the software.

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