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    China in Your Hand

    From the album Bridge of Spies by T'Pau

    Written by Carol Decker and Ron Rogers...

    Verse 1

    It was a theme she had

    On a scheme he had

    told in a foreign land

    To take life on earth

    To the second birth

    and the man was in


    It was a flight on the wings

    Of a young girls dreams

    That flew too far away

    And we could make the monster live again

    Oh hands move and heart beat on

    Now life will return in this electric storm

    A prophecy for a fantasy

    The curse of a vivid


    Don't push too far

    Your Dreams are china in your hand

    Don't wish too hard

    Because they may come true

    And you can't help them

    You don't know what you might

    Have set upon yourself

    China in your hand

    Come from greed

    Never born of the seed


    ook life from a barren hand

    On eyes wide

    Like a child in the form of a man

    A story told

    A mind of his own

    An omen for our time

    We take a flight on the wings of fantasy

    Then you push too far

    And make your dreams reality

    Yeah! china in your hand


    ut they're only dreams

    And you shouldn't push too far