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Rover 發問於 商業及金融投資 · 1 十年前


好像我用HSBC的卓越理財戶口, 見佢每個月底都會派息俾我, 其實個息口係點計呢? 是否有formula可計算?

那有無人知HSBC既卓越理財戶口既息口係幾多? 大新銀行既i-account戶口既息口又是幾多呢?

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  • Shandi
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    1 十年前

    they are calculate the compound interest

    and their HKD saving rates are go with tiers, and listed as below:

    Hong Kong Dollar Deposit Rates:


    no change since 20 Sep 2007 07:34 HKT

    Account Balance

    Interest Rate P.A.

    Less than HK $5,000


    HK $5,000 to HK $9,999


    HK $10,000 to HK $149,999


    HK $150,000 or above


    HSBC values your relationship. You will be rewarded with bonus interest* on your Hong Kong dollar savings accounts when your Total Relationship Balance reaches HK$ 1,000,000.

    You can earn bonus interest when your Total Relationship Balance* reaches the below amount:

    Total Relationship Balance*

    1 million or above

    Plus bonus interest 0.1%

    * Rolling average of previous three months

    actually, if you wanna calculate, you can use the daily closing balance and calculated that day's interest (interest rate per the above table structure), and then do that on the whole month, then you will have the total interest for that month.

    HSBC Premier's A/C HKD Savings Interest are credited on 28th every month.

    And for the i-Account of DahSing bank, their interest rate are as below:

    i-Account / VIP i-Account / 卡 通 人 物 綜 合 理 財 戶 口

    港 元 儲 蓄 支 票 戶 口 存 款 年 利 率

    存 款 額 (港 元)

    年 利 率

    任 何 存 款


    If you use more of other Dah Sing Bank services at the same time, no matter how much is the deposit, you will enjoy the interest rate mark-up offer. Each additional services you select, your i-Account Save & Check will be entitled to an automatic top-up of 0.125% of savings interest rate. The more services you select, the higher mark-up rate you will enjoy. So you can enjoy unprecedented financial convenience and fabulous interest returns.

    Other Dah Sing Bank services which bring to you Interest Rate Mark-Up :

    Fixed Deposit

    Credit Card / Debit Card

    Investment Services (including Investment Funds, Retail Certificates of Deposits, and Securities, etc.)

    Personal Finance Services (such as Tax Loan, Personal Loan, etc.)

    Mortgage Loan

    Life Insurance Services

    Types of Above Services Used

    Bonus Savings Interest Rate Offer

    Do not use any 1 service listed above

    S (HKD Savings Rate)

    Any 1 Service

    S + 0.125%

    Any 2 Service

    S + 0.25%

    Any 3 Service

    S + 0.375%

    Any 4 Service

    S + 0.5%

    Any 5 Service

    S + 0.625%

    Total 6 Service

    S + 0.75%



    Deposit interest rate of i-Account will be the above HKD Savings Rate plus additional mark-up , subject to a maximum of 1-month HKD fixed deposit rate +0.125% or 1-month HKD HIBOR, whichever is lower. Such interest rate will be applied to your i-Account Save & Check Account in the following month.


    Interest Rate Mark-Up is applicable to the credit balance of the i-Account Save & Check Account and is not applicable to the Multi-Currency Deposit Account.


    To enjoy Interest Rate Mark-Up, the account status of all other Dah Sing Bank services held by each i-Account holder must be normal.


    Dah Sing Bank reserves the right to amend the above deposit rates or the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Dah Sing Bank is final and conclusive.