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30點~! 快 簡單介紹(百零至最多二百字)幾個去東京旅行會去既景點(英文)

30點~! 快 簡單介紹(百零至最多二百字)幾個去東京旅行會去既景點(英文)

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英文 最好係自己寫 如果真係唔係自己寫請寫埋出處同 唔好過200字plz(功課,好緊要架~!)

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    Tokyo is Japanese capital. Tokyo has many landmarks sush as Disneyland,Hello Kitty Land,Ginza.etc.

    Disneyland is a theme park in Tokyo, Japan. We can go to Disneyland take photos with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

    Hello Kitty Land is an indoor theme park. We can go to Hello Kitty Land watch show.

    Ginza has a many shopping centre sush as boutique, department stores, restaurant, coffeehouses.etc. We can go shopping in Ginza.

    I want to Ginza because I can go shopping in Ginza but it is expensive. I hope I can go to tokyo.

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    I hope I can help you

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    1. 原創應支持, 但錯別字太多 2. 題目放錯區 3.最憎教別人做公課-功課應該自己做嘛

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    東京鐵塔:The Tokyo iron tower permits long time the play photography place, breathes out Japan the race to have to visit the place, only is in goes to outside in a hurry in a hurry travelling schedule, has had thought must sit down with ease? This family opens on the roof the open-air beer garden biggest characteristic is located the Tokyo iron tower ticket window the opposite, may the near distance appreciate its America, because newly begins the reason has provides gives a discount the ticket, is equal to glass of fresh beer prices, therefore this enjoys also was equal to is free! Dusk frequently is enjoys cup of good opportunities in the beer garden, may simultaneously appreciate Japan, a night of two kind of scenery, because the beer has not paid money, also does not need to add the service fee, the suggestion or the vegetable comparison cannot be embarrassed!

    東京都廳 :

    South is located newly sleeps "the Tokyo hall" to have the tower with the northern tower two buildings, is located 45 buildings the forecast rooms "not to have the material" the opening to look into the distance from a high place Tokyo for the passenger from 202 meters upper airs, if the weather is daytime good, may see the Mount Fuji, evening is the lamplights of ten thousand families, this but Tokyo minority does not use the upper air view scenic spot which receives money, surely did not miss! The forecast room has the commemorating shop and the dining room, the drink price also completely reasonable, but sits down dines front, adds more than 500 Japanese currency according to the above price "the seat expense" only then to be good again, goes in please three thinks!


    The Japanese said the hole field, is in the Taiwan person eye Peru boundary, but the Tokyo station everywhere is the Peru boundary, does not believe? Japanese special correspondent reports to you knows. The very many Taiwan tourists all have come Tokyo, actually never has the opportunity as soon as to swim to the Tokyo station, what a pity, enters Paoshan to return empty-handed, the Tokyo station is the free traveler person goes on a pilgrimage, besides transfers to another vehicle, the Tokyo station inside and outside has eats, has drinks, has buys, has plays, local product, lunch, grocery, or movie scene, so long as is Tokyo popular, here all has. In Tokyo station pill central mouth, as soon as goes out is 38 building store heights "in the pill the building", this building recently reequipped ShoppingMall, let nearby financial street go to work the race to rest or the rush hour using the noon comes this purchase. "In pill building" the high-quality goods shop, mostly is the Japanese domestic brand, receives persisted likes liking with the domestic products Japanese woman. The Tokyo station underground street has the beautiful street with many food shops, also has the toy street and the leisure area, also is wants to window-shop the shopping good destination. In addition, under the Tokyo station in the platform big square, some trades each place local product greatly to sell the field, but also some sells the nation "the post then" (station lunch) the small stall, may buy the Hokkaido Sapporo in here the fish egg food, fish sushi lunch box. In front of the Tokyo station has the emperor to occupy the imperial park, occupies along the emperor toward the new bridge station direction walks, may see elegant fine "date compared to valley park", saw in addition every day has the movie first showing, demonstrated reporter can hold "the Tokyo international assembly hall". In front of this work business area crowded new bridge station, goes to work Japan the noon to have five, six lunches vehicle, gathers sells the lunch in "the Tokyo international assembly hall".