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匿名 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前


例如:yup,ya ,yo,gd.口頭禪.這些,

因為有時和人對話都唔明人講咩下下查好慘,最有個list thank alot


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  • 1 十年前


    AAMOF — As a matter of fact[3]

    ADN — Any day now[4]

    AFAICR/S/T — As far as I can recall / remember / see / tell[1]

    AFAIK — As far as I know[5]

    AFK — Away from keyboard[5]

    AKA — Also known as[3]

    AITR — Adult in the room[4]

    AIUI — As I understand it[1]

    AMHIK — Ask me how I know[6]

    ANFSCD — And Now For Something Completely Different. Used to change the subject of conversation[6]

    ASAP — As soon as possible[7]

    ASL or A/S/L — Age / sex / location[3][8]

    ATEOTD — At The End of the Day[6]

    ATM — At the moment[5]

    ATYS — Anything you say[3]

    AWA — As well as[3]

    AWOL — Absent Without (Official) Leave[1]

    AYBABTU (also abbreviated as AYB) — All your base are belong to us (from the video game Zero Wing)[1]


    borked — Thoroughly broken[9]

    Bai — Bye[8]

    B2B — Business to Business[5]

    BB — Bye bye[1]

    BBIAB — Be back in a bit[8]

    BBIAF — Be back in a few / flash[1]

    BBL/S — Be back later / shortly / soon[8]

    BBQ — Be back quick[1]

    BCNU — Be seein' you[5]

    BF — Boy friend

    BFF — Best friends forever[8]

    BFFL — Best friends for life[1]

    BFN — Bye for now[1]

    BFFN — Best Friend For Now

    Blog — Also known as web log or an online journal[1]

    BOF — Beginning of file[1]

    Boot — To eject someone from a chatroom. Also, see kick.[10]

    BOFH — Bastard operator from hell[5]

    BOHICA — Bend Over Here It Comes Again[1]

    Bot — Any type of automated software in chatrooms and web-cataloguing software[11]

    Br/BR — Best regards

    BRB — Be right back[5]

    BRT — Be right there[1]

    BS — Backstab / Bullshit[1]

    BSOD — Blue Screen of Death[5]

    BTDT — Been there done that[8]

    BTDTGTTSAWIO — Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out[12]

    BTW — By the way[11]

    Bump — Increment (For example, C++'s operator.)[5] or a backronym for "Bring Up My Post"[1]

    BW or B/W — Between or black-and-white.[13]


    CD9 — Code 9 – Parents nearby[12]

    CBA — Can't Be Arsed. A term to indicate or dictate laziness.[1]

    CBF — Can't Be Fucked. A term used frequently out of laziness.[14]

    chown — Change owner. (used in Unix systems)[1]

    CMIIW — Correct me if I'm wrong[1]

    Crawl — To retrieve a web page along with the hyperlinks that reference it[11]

    Crapplet — A poorly written computer application[14]

    CTN — Can't Talk Now[1]

    CU — See you (later)[5]

    CYA — See ya OR Cover Your Ass[1]

    Cyber (prefix) — A term used to connect the subsequent word loosely to the world of computers or the Internet or sex over a computer[11]

    Cyberspace — Virtual reality, the Internet, the World Wide Web, and other kinds of computer systems. Science fiction author William Gibson popularized the term in his novel Neuromancer. Gibson used the word to describe a virtual world of computer networks that his cyberpunk heroes 'jacked into'[11]


    DDG — Drop Dead Gorgeous[1]

    DFTT — Don't feed the trolls[6]

    DGAF — Don't Give A Fuck[1]

    DIAF — Die in a fire[6]

    DILLIGAF/D/S — Does it look like I give a flip / ***** / damn / shit[6]

    DL — Download[1]

    DND — Do not disturb[1]

    DOA — Dead on arrival. Refers to hardware that has never worked.[5]

    DW — Don't Worry.[6]


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  • 1 十年前

    Atm = at the moment

    gonna = going to

    wanna = want to

    wth = what the hell

    i donno = i dont know

    fd = friend

    hey = hello

    lol = laught out loud

    2morrow = tomorrow

    cya = see you

    Jas = just a second

    Jff = just for fun

    L8r = later

    Sor / Sry = sorry

    u2m = you to me

    Np = no problem

    Btw = by the way

    Sat = sorry about that

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