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(由整理印刷,釘裝至製本過程皆一手包辦。 一站式的印刷服務有兩大好處:第一,整個過程由一間公司處理可以更容易控制質素和時間,最重要是能使不同的工序互相配合和統一,不會因其中一個工序發生問題而阻延了交貨日期。第二,一站式的印刷服務可避免因有其他公司參予製作過程而造成資料外流的問題,對於書刊雜誌的內容保密,尤其照顧周到。 此外,先進的印刷技術使我們有能力印製出精裝硬皮書籍,大大增加了我們的競爭優勢。)

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  • 1 十年前

    Put in order printing, bind and all keep everything in one's own hands to making this course. There are two major advantages in the printing service of one station type: First, it can be apter to control quality and time that the whole course is dealt with by a company, most important to can make different process cooperate and unify each other , can delay delivery date because the problem takes place in a process among them. Second, the question that causes the materials to outflow because other companies participate in the course of making that first station type of printing is serve and can be avoided, the content to the books and periodicals magazine is kept secret, especially look after thoughtfully. In addition, the advanced printing technology makes us have the ability to print out the hard-cover hard skin books, have increased our competition advantage greatly .

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  • 1 十年前

    By reorganization printing, the nail installs to system this process all takes care of everything. As soon as the standing -like printing services has two big advantage: First, the entire process processes by a company may be easier to control the innate nature and the time, most is important is can cause the different working procedure mutually to coordinate and the unification, could not because working procedure give rise to a question or problem hindered the delivery date. Second, as soon as the standing -like printing services may avoid because having other companies to participate the manufacture process to create the material outflow the question, regarding the books and periodicals magazine content security, especially looks after thoroughly. In addition, the advanced printing technology enable us to have the ability to print the hardbound incrustation books, greatly increased our competitive advantage.

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