請問何謂MICE ( Meetings, Incentives,Conventions, Exhitbitions)?


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  • 1 十年前

    MICE is the abbreviation of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions, which is an industrial cluster related to a group of tourists who travel in the country to attend meetings, seminars, exhibitions, or international trade shows as well as those who are awarded tourism incentives by companies / organisations. Activities that are composed in MICE Industry can be categorised as follows: stands for group- or organisational conferences for special missions and are planned in advance. Examples are annual meetings and committee meetings. 3 categories can be distinguished:

    M = Meetings

    1. Meetings for the exchange of information between related professionals. These meetings usually take 4 – 5 days and the preparation will take at least 1 year. This category is called Association Meeting, and it includes:

    Conferences: participants will normally attend for collective consultation, fact seeking and problem solving.

    Congresses: meetings in which topics stem from endeavours of members or organisations. Preparation takes more than 1 year and normally they are of a bigger size than conferences.

    Symposia: Meetings of expertises in particular areas in order to present profiles / portfolios on those specialised areas to the attendees, who in return will present feedback and give responses.

    2. Organisational meetings, company meetings or company chain / subsidiary meetings which can be from all around the world. Conference preparation is at least 1 year. This category is called Corporate Meeting and is usually of a smaller size than Association meetings.

    3. Group Meetings / Representatives from governmental sectors. Meetings that are organised by governmental sectors. This category is called Government Meeting.

    I = Incentive Travel

    stands for travels as a result of prizes or incentives for staffmembers of organisations or for those who are successful in reaching company or organisation set-targets. The organisations involved will take responsibility for any costs occurred during the travels. Incententive travels can be divided into 2 categories:

    1. Group Incentive Travel

    2. Individual Incentive Travel

    C = Convention

    Similar to a meeting in nature but different with respect to the number of participants, the usual number of attendents lies between 100 – 10,000 persons. Work preparations usually take at least 2 years. Conventions are organised at a national, regional or international level and are organised either by international organisations or by the government.

    E = Exhibition

    Exhibitions are trade shows or activities that take place during certain times and at certain places in order to present or sell products and/or services to target groups. Exhibitions are generally open to the public. 3 categories can be distinguished:

    1. Trade Shows – Exhibitions or trade shows for manufacturers / entrepreneurs

    2. Consumer Shows – Exhibitions or trade shows for consumers

    3. Trade and Consumer Show – A mixture of the above categories