Motivate the professional and technical employees

How to motivate the professional and technical employees?

Decribe several means.

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    Money is low on their priority list. They tend to be well paid and they enjoy what they do. On the other hand, job challenge is high on their priority list. Their reward in their job is the work itself. They want support from their colleagues. They want others to think what they are doing is important. They also like development opportunities.

    Therefore, to motivate professional and technical employees, it is necessary to

    (1) provide them with ongoing challenging work

    (2) give them autonomy and allow them to structure their own work in any productive way

    (3) reward them with training, workshops, conferences, and so forth, which allow them to keep current in their field

    (4) reward them with recognition

    (5) tailor make a career path which helps them to progress to the top

    (6) allow them to earn more money and status without assuming managerial responsibilities

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