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How improve my English???? (用簡單英文or中文說)

我的英文水平十分一般.先說paper 1A,我經常看文章看得十分慢..有無方法improve?

然後是paper 2, 這是我最劣的,listerning的內容的英文係識,但聽的時候就不明!!!我老師說因為我語感不足...有無可以解決listerning的困難???老師說我作文有Chinese English,但我也不知怎樣解決??最後係speaking.當我考試時十分緊張...


Please help me........

thank you.....

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    I was studying in Hong Kong, and now in Australia.

    I find few ways to improve English.

    To increase the speed of reading, firstly you must read alot of English books or whatever English articles. At first, you may be very slow, but you will gradually increase your reading speed.

    According to what you said, improving listening is hard for you. But if you really want to improve, you will need to take time, watching more English programmes or listening to English radio. For the English dramas at night in Pearl, there are subtitles to help you listening,

    And for Chinese English, I could only say polish your essay after you've finished. Reread and see what can be changed or improved, reading can help you alot on this.

    And speaking, you can do more mock papers. Practice makes perfect! From time to time, you will be more fluent.

    資料來源: an Australia Year 7 student