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what is love?

what is love?

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    LOVE is an elusive (難以理解的) concept. We have all experienced love and feel we know what it is; however, when asked what love is, people give a variety of answers.

    LOVE has many dimensions. It can be romantic, exciting, obsessive, irrational....

    The following is Three important LOVE theory in Psychology:

    1) Reiss's Wheel Theory of Love

    2) Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love

    3) Lee's Styles of Loving

    @->-- 要解釋愛太抽象,要客觀答案的話,可以理論和文化研究來理解;

    @->-- 要主觀的話,當然是靠自己去經歷..

    What is LOVE? a thousand people have a thousand answers, thus you must have your own one.

    參考資料: cwg/Love_Poem/Love.h tm

    the importance of love and the different kinds of love in our life. Love has many different aspects. But when people say love, they usually associate with romantic love. In fact, it is not. Love can be different types. So today if I can convince people the importance of all forms of love, and not just romantic love.

    The real love in life is a unique treasure that wealth cannot buy and power cannot hold. Not only the romantic love, actually there are different kinds of love such as parental love, friendship love, even love for God and love for everyone. Love can make us happy and healthy and it exists everywhere. This kind of love is unconditional, no rewards and it is the greatest love in the world. When people say romantic love, they just think about the moment of fun and just enjoy it at that time. For example, couples have been together for many years, and they have a happy life. But people never think about once their relationship breaks up, love can be the biggest enemy for humans. So I say that romantic love does not last long.Also the other love is that needed to respect, trust, protect and help each other. For example, one person and the other person is their best friend of each other. They help and support each other even if they have arguments or problems they do not tell the other people. This is called friendship love. If you want to get advantages from your friends so that means you want to use them for your own benefit. Friendship love can last a lifetime and your friend can become intimate if you really treasure this relationship.I think the most important love that people should always say which is parental love.The four elements for creating love are care, responsibility, respect and understanding.” Love is such as a specialize knowledge. If you need to answer what is love, first you need to understand and know what is the most important love in your life. The parental love doesn’t need to be repaid as love is unconditional and no rewards.


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