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我看的書是1984...作者mike Dean






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    我有睇過,本書係比較難.我睇0個時作者係George Orwell. 你係咪只係要ch.1?本書太長,我可以先講ch.1比你聽.

    一開始係講the misery of Winston's world, Winston Smith係主角,佢幫一個party做野.你記唔記我書里面寫winston見倒一張"big brother is watching you."既poster?0個張poster上面with the word "INGSOC", the police patrol spying on people. Winston is living in London, the predominant city of the province known as Airstrip One in Oceania. Bombed sites reveal that some sort of war is going on. Winston tries to recall his childhood, to see if things have always been like this, but cannot.

    之後你要知道唔同既部門代表d咩,There are four Ministries: the Ministry of Truth concerns itself with the spread of information through news, entertainment, education and the arts; the Ministry of Peace (Minipax) deals with war; the Ministry of Love (Miniluv) administers law and order; and the Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty) handles economic affairs.

    有一度話Winston carefully tucks himself out of the telescreen's visual range with an old book, an old pen and an ink-bottle. 佢想寫diary,但係唔可以,因為個party唔比佢地有個人思想,而且spy佢地既一舉一動,就算你係諗0下想寫日記or諗0下想反抗party既管束,都叫"thought crime".

    "Two Minutes Hate," a daily, almost orgiastic ritual of propaganda. Winston recalls noticing two people: a girl whose name he does not know but whom he recognizes as working in the Fiction Department, and O'Brien, an imposing man and member of the Inner Party. Winston feels a dislike for the girl, whose youth gives him the sense that she is a dangerous Party zealot; by contrast, he feels drawn to O'Brien in a way almost resembling trust, because he hopes that O'Brien is secretly politically unorthodox.

    The "Two Minutes Hate" begins with footage of _Emmanuel Goldstein_, "the Enemy of the People," castigating the Party. Apparently, Goldstein had once been a leading Party member who rebelled, was condemned to death, and disappeared to form the underground _Brotherhood_. The symbol of ultimate treachery, Goldstein is featured in every Hate as the source of all crimes against the Party. 即係話"two minutes hate"係播一d dvd,movie去洗腦,等d人效忠個party.

    As the Hate goes on, people get increasingly worked up, shouting and throwing things at the screen. [It is, Winston notes, impossible to avoid joining in.] The Hate overwhelms the members, sweeping them into a blind ecstasy of hatred. Winston directs his hatred at the girl, because, he realizes, he wants to sleep with her.但係0係winson個society,男女之間唔可以有自由愛情,亦唔可以choose同邊個結婚.

    The Hate reaches its climax when the terrifying images melt into the face of Big Brother, who utters soothing words before fading away into the three Party slogans. The crowd, passionately relieved at the appearance of their "savior" starts to chant, "B-B! . . . B-B!" Here Winston catches O'Brien's eye. In an instant, Winston feels that O'Brien is communicating to him that he is on his side; this is the moment which brings him to his diary.

    After some reflection, Winston looks again at his page and finds he has been writing automatically:



    He knows there is no point in tearing out the page, because he has committed "thought crime", and in the end the Thought Police will get him anyway; he, and every last vestige of his existence, will be completely wiped out--"vaporized."