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Henry's Cooking Experience

Henry's Cooking Experrience



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    The owners of venerable New York establishments Elio's, Lusardi's and Luke's have ventured to the west side. Henry's is an update of an American classic: the neighborhood bar and grill done on the grand scale of the homes of the Upper West Side. Designed after the landmark Gamble House in Pasadena, California, Henry's dining room is wrapped in rounded mahogany. From the four-inch square beams to the unique mahogany mullions on the four large French doors opening onto Broadway, this is what you might dream a classic bar and grill would look like at the turn of the century---this century. The menu, American Classic updated for the post-Alice Waters palate, reflects the refined tastes of the neighborhood. American comfort food expressing the diversity of our ethnicity and the excitement of American regional cuisine. All this goodness is married to the best of new American cooking: fresh ingredients, reduced cooking times, increased cooking temperatures and ingredients that retain their identity in each dish. Simple plates of good hot food. Elio, Luigi and Mauro Lusardi have chosen Henry Rinehart and Bob Devine as their new operating partners. The bar and dining room reflect their good taste. Henry ran the legendary bar at John Schenk's Clementine after stints in the dining rooms and bars of Patrick Clark's Metro, Cascabel, Charlie Palmer's Alva and the fashionable Moomba. Bob was raised in New York icons The River Cafe and Sign of the Dove before turning the bar at Luke's into a huge success. Henry's bar is graced with fine wines, spirits and cocktails and one of the highest quality small draft systems in the city, featuring the best of American micro brewed beers. Henry's is the neighborhood bar and grill the Upper West Side deserves.

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    Who is Henry?