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1.We have plenty of in summer but ____snow in winter.1.not many 2.much 3.only a little 4.only a few

2.My sister is _____old.1.18year 2.18 years 3.18-years 4.18-years

3.the fire had caused_______to the factory.1.much damage 2.a damage 3.many damages 4.much damages you have___to do ?1.many work 2.much work 3.many works 4.much works

5.what happened yesterday?I don`t think___happened.1.everything 2.anything 3.nothing 4.something


6.i have many vrother and sisters.we have____.a.large families b.much family c.a large family d.many familied

7.Teacher:Let me give you______.a.some advice b.advices advice d. an advise

8.i finished____and went out A.homeworks homeworks homework

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  • 1 十年前

    1.We have plenty of in summer but only a little snow in winter.

    2.My sister is 18 years old.

    3.the fire had caused a damage to the factory. you have many work to do ?

    5.what happened yesterday?I don`t think anything happened.

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  • 1 十年前

    1.We have plenty of rain in summer but _ only a little___snow in winter.

    2.My sister is _ 18_years___old.

    3.The fire had caused_much damage_____to the factory.

    4.Do you have_much work__to do ?

    5.What happened yesterday?I don't think_anything__happened.

    6.I have many brother and sisters. We have_a large family___.

    7.Teacher:Let me give you_some advice_____.

    8.I finished_my homework___and went out .

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  • Winkie
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    1 十年前

    1)only a little snow

    2)18 years

    3) a damage

    4)much work

    5) something

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