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孫燕姿的歌 - Rise

Rise 之歌詞

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前


    There is a voice within my mind

    singing the songs of distant times

    Speaking the thoughts from lost horizons.

    Music and words that must be signs

    Shaping the facets that define

    How we have come to be the present


    Though we're from ten different lands

    Bound by shores of common sand

    Singing out as one

    Let's stand

    The world is in our hands

    ]No matter where we're from

    If we could sing one song

    Dreams that are yours and mine

    They will be realized.

    Trusting the love we feel

    Trust in the love that's real

    Children unite

    People of ASEAN

    Rise !

    Chapters unfolding from the past

    Speaking on wisdom to my heart

    Lessons to learn from our ancestors

    Phshing horizons let's have faith

    Our differences we will embrace

    Shaping as one our common future

    Our future.