Adam and Eve (急)10分

本人要在 星期天前 急要 關於Adam and Eve

的 故事 和他們的其他東西!!!!!

(註: 中英 兩個一起先得)

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  • 1 十年前

    Adam (Hebrew: אָדָם‎, Adam, "man"; Arabic: آدم, Adam; Ge'ez: አዳም) and Eve (Hebrew: חַוָּה‎, Ḥavva, "living one"; Arabic: حواء, Hawwaa; Ge'ez: ሕይዋን, Hiywan) were the first man and woman created by God according to the Bible and the Qur'an.

    This story is told in the book of Genesis, chapters 1, 2 and 3, with some additional elements in chapters 4 and 5. God (referred to as YHWH) creates Adam from clay and breathes life into him. Later, he makes Eve from Adam's rib. The serpent tempts Eve into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and she gives the fruit to Adam, too. God expels them both from the Garden of Eden and curses them. They have children, Cain, Abel, Seth, and others, who then populate the world.

    Adam and Eve appear in many books besides Genesis, such as the Life of Adam and Eve, the Talmud, Gnostic texts, and the Qur'an. Jewish tradition sometimes includes reference to other wives of Adam's. Christians see Jesus Christ as a "new Adam" who brings life instead of death. They see the serpent as Satan, and the Fall as establishing original sin. Muslims honor Adam as a prophet and say that God gave him the kaaba.

    While Jews, Christians, and Muslims have traditionally understood Adam and Eve to have been real, historical people, modern historical scholarship and the natural history of the human species offer alternatives to this belief. Biologists, however, refer to the matrilineal ancestor of all living people as Mitochondrial Eve and to the patrilineal ancestor of all living people as Y-chromosomal Adam.

    In some scholarly writings on theology, Adam and Eve are occasionally referred to as "the protoplasts".

    亞當(希伯來語: אָדָם‎,, 亞當, "man"; 阿拉伯語: آدم, 亞當; Ge'ez: አዳም) 並且伊芙(希伯來語: חַוָּה ?avva, "living 的one"; 阿拉伯語: حواء, Hawwaa; Ge'ez: ሕይዋን, Hiywan) 是第一人和婦女由God 創造根據聖經和Qur'an 。 這個故事講在書《創世紀》, 章節1, 2 和3, 以一些另外的元素在章節4 和5 裡。上帝(指YHWH) 創造亞當從黏土和呼吸生活入他。以後, 他由Adam's 肋骨做伊芙。蛇誘惑伊芙入吃被禁止的果子從知識的樹好和邪惡, 並且她給果子亞當, 也是。上帝逐出他們兩個從伊甸園和詛咒他們。他們有孩子、Cain 、Abel, Seth, 和其他人, 然後居住於世界。 亞當和伊芙出現在許多書裡除《創世紀》以外, 譬如亞當生活和伊芙, Talmud 、相信神秘直覺說的文本, 和Qur'an 。猶太傳統有時包括在Adam's 的其它妻子的參考。基督徒看見耶穌基督作為"new Adam" 誰帶來生活代替死亡。他們看蛇作為Satan, 和秋天作為建立原始的罪孽。穆斯林榮譽亞當作為先知和認為, 上帝給了他kaaba 。 當猶太人、基督徒, 和穆斯林傳統上明白亞當和伊芙是真正, 歷史人、現代歷史獎學金和人的種類提議選擇的自然歷史對這信仰。生物學家, 然而, 提到所有生存人民的matrilineal 祖先作為線粒體伊芙和對所有生存人民的patrilineal 祖先作為Y 染色體亞當。 在一些博學文字在神學, 亞當和伊芙偶爾地指"the protoplasts" 。



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