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Geoff and Paul define that the concept of relationship marketing is “a business concept that has developed from a growing body of literature expressing lack of satisfaction with conventional ‘transactional’ marketing.” However, Drucker argue that RM is the marketing concept that acquisition, gratification, and retention of customers whom are central to business. He indicated that “the customer who determines what the business is’.


Therefore, organizations should previously have a network marketing to promote their products, and then selling products to their target customers, consequently they might have business.

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    Geoff and Paul define the relationship marketing(RM) as a business concept about the literature in the development of a growing body expressing its lacking of satisfaction at/with "traditional marketing " . However, Drucker claims that the concept of RM involves keeping longer relationship with those who are major customers in business by giving them acquisition and gratisfication acquisition and gratification . He also points out that the customers can determine what kind of business will be done .

    Therefore, organizations should have its current marketing networks to promote but also sell their products or services to the target customers . As a result, these organizations may have dealings in the market .

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