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f.3 phy. 既true/false 問題.

1.if we are not suffering from a disease, we are said to be healthy.

2.physical health is more important than mental health.


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  • 1 十年前

    First, these are Biological questions, not Phsical.

    For the statement 1, it's false, or to be said as partly right. Health is the meaning of both physically healthy and mentally healthy. If we are only not suffering from "a" disease, we are not considered to be healthy. Even more than "one" diseases are not suffered, we can still be said not to be healthy, since someone maybe mental disable.

    For the statement 2, it's also false. For most of us, mental health is more essential. If someone is strong or no getting of any diseases, of course he is healthy, but how about if he want to suiside due to some life problems such as in debt of someone or break up with the another-half? These cases are very common. However, if we are healthy-minded, but we are vegetarians, it's nonsense for the mental health.

    Consequently, both of them are really important. Do you think so?