Ticker tape MC 10分

In converting a tape into a tape chart,the tape is cut into lengths containing equal tick intervals.


(1) The length of each tpe represents the average velocity within the time interval.

(2) The width of the tape represents the constant interval

(3) Joining the centres of the tops of the tape gives a displacement-time graph

A (2) only

B (3) only

C (1) and (2) only

D (1) and (3) only

Ans. is C

(1) 的 length 不是displacement over that time period嗎?

(2) 的 width 係指打直 定打橫既長度


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  • 1 十年前

    length 是displacement over that time period, therefore the higher its average velocity , longer length. By average velocity = displacement over that time period. (1)是對的,

    width 係指打橫既長度, 打直既長度 longer than 打橫既長度.

    (1) is true, (3)is wrong. Only C.