UCLA or UC berkeley transfer問題

I am a f.7 student

if i aim at UCLA or UCB majoring business

which community college should I go?(foothill, DeAnza?)

would it be very difficult to get in business majors in UCLA or UCB??

what grade should I get in CC in order to transfer to these two schools?

Can you recommend other universities that are good at business?

Thank you very much!

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    I strongly recommended to go to Santa Monica College (www.smc.edu) or Sierra College (http://www.sierracollege.edu/). Both colleges are in California and both have the highest rate of UC transfers. But I need to remind you that both UCLA and UCB are highly competitive and transfer acceptance rate is lower than 25%.

    First of all, let's talk about UCLA. UCLA Anderson School of Business does not have undergraduate business major. The closest alternative is Business Economics. But let me tell you, biz-econ at UCLA places strong emphasis in economic theories and mathematical computations. Students who are serious about a career in business should go to USC (University of Southern California) wherein they will receive more comprehensive training in business. In addition, business economics is an extremely competitive major. For foreign transfer students, the required GPA is up to 3.8+ (4.0 is the highest, straight As).

    As for UC Berkeley, there is a undergraduate degree in Business (Haas School of Business). However, trying to be accepted in Haas is almost impossible for foreign students. First of all, Haas only take 300 new students and the priority is given to California residents. As I know, there aren't many foreigns with even 4.0 GPA being accepted in Haas. Last year, Haas rejected a lot of excellent students with perfect GPA.

    How do I know how about this? First, I am a UCLA graduate (International Development Studies) and I know the selection procedure.

    Second, my husband is a writer and helped a lot of foreign students (HK/Chinese/Taiwanese) students to write their UC application statements, and he keeps a record of student's UC acceptance.

    Hope it helps! You can email me (gweigwei@yahoo.com) if you more information.

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    sorry for my typing errors...I know there are some.

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    You can email me (gweigwei@yahoo.com) if you need more information.

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