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    1. any is called the tsunami

    when the earthquake has the seabed, causes the sea water fierce fluctuation because of the seismic wave power, forms the formidable wave, looks like the ripples straight volume on land, prompts forward, 11 floods the littoral the disaster, is so-called [tsunami].Tsunami general when reaches 640 to 800 kilometers, the might is quite big.Between two waves is away from really far, as soon as but reaches shallow water, then has a huge energy, the wave rises highly suddenly, wells up straight on land, brings the destructive power infinite disaster.

    2. tsunami sequela

    tsunami can make the massive people and the domestic animal are drown to death, in the original farmland crops have been washed away by the water, on fertile soil bedding thick silt, cannot cultivate, the people lack the grain, creates hungrily, must wait for the rescue.What a pity the path and the bridge are blocked and the destruction, the command supply the work to be more difficult.Because the house all collapses the damage, in addition the water pipe break, affects the clear water supply, must drink the filthy water, makes the bacterium and disease spread, causes bubonic plague, Dengue fever gets sick with infectious diseases and so on dysentery, makes the casualty to be more serious.

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    .What call tidal wave

    The local earthquake takes place bottom of sea, causing a sea water play because of the motive of the seismic wave

    Rise and fall strongly, become a strong wave, be like a ripple sort to keep winding land,

    Push forward forward, the disaster that the circumlittoral district floods one by one is so-called

    Of[tidal wave].The tidal wave general hour reaches to 640-800 kilometers,

    The power is rather big.The of two waves is very and far apart from, but an attain shallow

    Water area, produce a huge energy then, the wave highly nasty play rising,

    Keep flowing out land, bring the disaster of destructive power everlasting.

    2.The linger effect of tidal wave

    The tidal wave will drown a great deal of person and animal, the agriculture in the original farmland

    The crops were washed by water to ruin, the rich mud was spread up the very thick Yu

    Mire, can't cultivate, the people lack of a food, causing hungry, need to wait for saving

    Yuan.Regrettable road and bridge are jamed with breakage, making to supply a work

    More difficult.Because the houses all collapse to damage, plusing a pipe line to split,

    Influence a clear water supply, drink dirty water, make germ and disease

    Spread, cause infectious diseases, such as plague, dengue fever disease and dysentery...etc., make

    The death and harm is more miserably heavy.

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