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pokwan 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前


Give more examples! Thx!!!!

7.Making matter worse...

e.g. Making matter worse were persistent pirate raids.

8.Gripped by... , they sought help from...

9.The government stepped in and ...;instead ...

e.g.The government stepped in and made it a criminal offense for parents to send their children to work before 15 ; instead the school fees were totally shouldered by government from then on.

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  • 1 十年前

    7. Making matter worse......

    e.g. The new drug introduced last week was making matter worse with its uncontrollable side effects.

    e.g. He was making matter worse by trying to put out the fire with flammable materials.

    8. Gripped by...., they sought help form.....

    e.g. Those company's cash flow was gripped by too many unpaid account, therefore, they sought help form the bank for a temporary loan.

    e.g. The hostages were gripped by unknown terrorists, so they sought help form the US government for identification.

    9. The government stepped in and ....; instead....

    e.g. The government stepped in and forced the two banks to merge into one; instead of cooperating with the government, they filed a lawsuit against each other.

    e.g. The government stepped in and legalized the use of cell phones in public places due to the demand of communication needs; instead of dealing with the new law, many people opposed and formed an organization to illegalize it.

    hope this may help you=)..................

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