4 Days in Switzerland

Can anyone suggest a route for a 4 days Trip in Switzerland? If the first stop is Zurich, and I want to visit Lauterbrunnen, Mt Titlis, Engelberg, Rotair Cable Car,Lion Monument

Chapel Bridge,Wassweturm,Luzern, Interlaken, a boat trip at Brienzersee or Thun, Jungfrau(if possible).

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    in my opinion, it is quite tight to go to all the places ur mentioned in ur question...

    let's group all the destination first.

    a. Engelberg

    b. Mt. Titlis + Rotair Cable Car (i guess this one is in titlis)

    c. Luzern (including Lion monument, Chapel Bridge, Wassweturm)

    d. Interlaken + Lauterbrunnen + Jungrau

    e. boattrip on Brienzersee or Thunersee

    Day 1: assume that u arrive zurich in the morning, I dont recommend to stay in zurich because there is not much to see. u can take one hr train to engelberg to see the church first. and then in the afternoon take one hr train to go to luzern. All the destination u want to visit in luzern is very close, 3-4hrs should be enough to see them all. the info in luzern train station provide a map and a route for u to see them all.

    Stay in luzern at night.

    Day2: if u didnt finish luzern yet, then stay there in the morning. after luzern, take the train to lauterbrunnen through interlaken. (dont sleep on the train, u can see the beautiful brienzersee on the way) u can take the bus to see the waterfall in the mountain first. and stay in lauterbrunnen.

    Day3: take the train go up jungfrau in the very early morning. come down interlaken at noon. u can take the boat in interlaken to thun, thun is also a beautiful town to take a look. u can choose to stay in either bern or thun.

    Day4: u didnt mention in question, but i would like to recommend u to go to bern, the capital of switzerland. the old town is on the world heritage list. with special street and structure. u can also ask for a map in the info and follow the recommended route. it take around 4 hrs.

    After bern, u can go back to zurich. or go to other european countries from there.

    *if u really want to go to titlis, u can go at day 2 after luzern. it is quite close. but i recommend u Jungfrau. it is more beautiful.

    **if the weather is cloudy or rainy, i dont recommend u to go up the mountains because the up on the mountain is all cloud, u cant see anything......of course, why dont 到此一遊. ur choice.

    ***interlaken dont have much to see except the lake but it is good place to buy souvieur.

    資料來源: studied in switzerland for 5yrs. have been 30countries in europe and all cantons in switzerland.