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Ricky 發問於 文學及人文學詩詞 · 1 十年前

魔域大冒險 幾時出??



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    Yes, it can finally be revealed -- the title of book 6 is DEMON APOCALPYSE!!!! With as bold and ambitious a title as that, you need a pretty strong story to match, but I don't think this little monstrous baby is going to disappoint too many of you! I had a ball launching it at Bath. I travelled there on Friday and had a nice meal with some of my publishers and fellow authors Nick Butterworth, Louise Rennison and Rob Scotton. On Saturday I rose bright and early and went to the Forum, where I did an interview with radio show Go4it, then met the winners of the Bath competition. We didn't have a huge amount of time together, but I answered as many questions as I could before I was whisked away. Then I did my event, chaired by Damian Kelleher. I read extracts from book 5 and book 6, took some questions from the audience, then did the big reveal -- there were lots of excited gasps and a massive round of applause when the gruesome cover (it's one of my favourites!!) and title were revealed!!! I rounded things off with a reading from the book I was working on earlier this year (I'm keeping it a secret on this blog, in order to heighten the impact when I read the extract out live at events), then signed for 3 hours -- busy busy!!!! After that I went to see Eoin Colfer give a talk -- he was brilliant. Then I went to see Rob Scotton -- it was fun sitting in on an event for little children -- I got to baaaa loudly like a sheep, and some of the kids stared at me as if I was mad!!! Then I went to see Neil Gaiman, which was as neat a way to round off the day as any!!! I drove on to Bournemouth with my publicist Emma, then did a signing at Waterstones this morning -- was in the chair for 3 hours!!! This looks like it's going to be a manic tour, so I'm not sure how often I'll get to update my blog over the next week -- so don't panic if I'm a bit on the quiet side! In the meantime, Book 6 goes on general sale on October 1st in the UK and Ireland, so I guess all that remains to be said is, "I hope you enjoy the APOCALYPSE!!!!!"



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