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How can play football well

How can play football well??

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    I guess you are talking about soccer, not American football.

    This guide may help you get better at soccer.


    Stay in shape. Try to prevent injuries from happening so that you are always 100% fit. Run every day to stay in shape.

    Practice. You'll not only want to keep up your endurance, but also your ability to handle the ball.

    Be confident in yourself. Tell yourself that you are a part of the best set of soccer players ever. Remember that soccer is all about team effort, so pass the ball every now and then and let everyone take a shot.

    Play your best, regardless of the position that you play. If you play goalkeeper, remember you are the last line of defense. Commit yourself to the ball—that includes diving and big smacks down the pitch.

    Have fun! Love the sport. Having fun is one thing that makes the game worthwhile. Learn to love the game, and practice all the time. You will slowly but surely get better and enjoy the game more.


    Remember that good sportsmanship is a sign of a good player.

    A player who loves the game is a good player regardless of skill. Love is essential; if you don't want to be there, it will show.

    If you want to show off and do things like the maradona or the ronaldo, go ahead, it might just work.However, make sure you practice these beforehand; You will probably stumble the first time that you try to pull off a bicycle kick for your first time, which is okay. Keep at it

    Listen to your coaches and your parents. Never turn your back at them.


    Don't hog the ball and blame other for your errors.

    If you show off too much, it could end in a substitute and not going back on.

    While it's okay to give them some pointers, don't give your teammates harsh criticism. It will only lower their confidence, leading them to make more mistakes.

    Don't make fun of someone if there not as good as you or as big as you, and be nice to the couch

    How to become a star soccer/football player


    Start a diet plan, to stay fit, but dont join some crazy diet, or start an eating disorder

    Start to practice your ball skils any time you can, at home, at your friends, or in the mall

    Make sure you drink lots water during practice. this is really important

    Stay focused on your positon, dont loly-gag or forget what your doing

    Build a strong friendship with your team, you may meet some interesting people.

    Keep your eye on the ball, even if theres a girl/boy ten times's your size, keep running for the ball.

    know the game, if you dont know what a corner kick is, ask your coach, reff, or fellow teamate.


    Remember your soccer skills will develop over time

    Dont fret if you dont become into David Beckham in 3 days!


    Starting eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, can be fatal, or you may have to be hospitalized, just dont do it.

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