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According to the third principle, rational people think at the margin. This is the term of marginal changes to describe small incremental adjustments to a plan of action. In this case, chicken agricultures deciding promote how many of the chickens on the chicken market. As long as the person is buying the chicken in the festival pays more than the marginal cost, selling the chicken at Mid-Autumn Festival is profitable





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    In terms of /According to the third principle, the rational person will often take the "margin" into consideration. This is the term " marginal changes" describing small incremental adjustments to affect the implementation of a plan . Taking the chicken case as an example , how can the chicken merchants make a decision on the promotion of their chickens in the poultery market ? As long as people are going to buy chickens for the celebration of various Chinese traditional festivals,they are required to pay more money than the marginal cost . The sales of chickens at Mid-Autumn Festival is profitable .

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    你真搞笑﹐人地叫改改文法﹐即係check if there are any grammatical errors﹐唔係叫你翻譯做法文

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    Selon le troisième principe, les personnes raisonnables pensent à la marge. C'est la limite des changements marginaux pour décrire de petits ajustements par accroissement à un plan d'action. Dans ce cas-ci, décider d'agricultures de poulet favorisent lesquels des poulets sur le marché de poulet. Aussi longtemps que la personne achète le poulet dans le festival paye plus que le coût marginal, la vente du poulet au festival d'Mi-Automne est profitable

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