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any can help my correct it .. thanks

One day I kind of rush because I woke up late in the morning. Maybe my alarm o’clock didn’t work or accidentally I press wrong button, and I drove my car as usually. When I turned my car in a small street at that moment, I remembered I drove around 30 miles per hour. Suddenly I saw a police officer stood in front me and I thought he might wait for who drove fast or irregular. I had to make another turned to get on freeway,

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  • 1 十年前

    i was in a rush that morning because i slept in. it is because either my alarm doesn't work or i accidentally press the wrong button. then i drove off as usual.

    i did a turn into a small street with i think around 30km/h, and suddenly there was a police officer stood right in front of me. i thought he is trying to catch speeding or danger driver, therefore i decided to do another turn and get in the freeway

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  • 1 十年前

    One day I was in a rush because I slept in that morning. This is because either my alarm clock didn't work or I have accidentally press the wrong button. But when I drove into a small street on my car, I suddenly saw a police officer standing further on the street. I think he's there to catch speeding cars and dangerous drivers. I think I was driving at 30 miles per hour then, so I turned quickly on the next turn to get on the freeway.

    "I press wrong button"之後唔須要強調我就好似平常咁揸車出去

    同埋" I saw a police officer stood in front me".如果個警察已經"企"左係你架車前面而你又已經超速,咁講其實係佢已經要停你架車. 應該要話你見到街遠d/前d有個警察係度睇下有冇人超速.


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